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Monica is an incredibly diligent and committed manager, who throws herself into her work and embraces a company’s objectives wholeheartedly. She is flexible and caring as a supervisor, and strives for a direct and honest approach towards her team and colleagues. Monica is an very efficient copywriter whose experience in diverse industries gives her a wealth of tactics to draw upon when organizing outbound sales efforts for her team.

Alex Kelly, Athennian

Monica is awesome at Sales Development. Besides the word “Hunter” on the dictionary, it should have a picture of her. She led our team by example, booking meetings and sharing best techniques with our team. She is incredibly motivated and the definition of a hard-worker. In addition of being a great professional, she is an incredible person; who was always willing to help and lead with empathy.

Sergio Diniz, Athennian

Monica is a determined and resourceful team leader that stops at nothing to meet her goals. She taught me the ins and outs of writing concise, call-to-action emails and Linkedin copy which resulted in a high volume of meetings booked. She’s funny and quirky, and would be a great leader on any SDR team.

Sofia Tesic, Athennian

I've had the pleasure of working with Monica at FORT Robotics, working side-by-side with her. She puts her full effort into her job and, as a result, is especially good at being a Sales Development Representative. She quickly proves that through her work effort and knowledge of innovative trends in the Sales Development industry. She's constantly monitoring Sales Development social groups, articles, what thought leaders are saying, and the latest sales enablement tools to stay on top of the best ways to outbound prospect and keep the top of the prospect funnel full for the sales team.

On top of this, she's always eager to teach what she knows. She spent a lot of time teaching me some of the skills that she's developed over the years. I can confidently say I am much better in my role as an Account Executive because of the techniques Monica taught me about prospecting - the importance of subject lines for open rates, the importance of conversational language while prospecting, how to use LinkedIn (extremely effectively) for prospecting, and the power of some of the Sales tools we use, such as ZoomInfo and Outreach.

Monica is motivated by a challenge that allows her to consistently learn and innovate to stay at the top and be great at what she does, and this will help her succeed in any role she takes on in her career as she progresses. This, paired with her creative prospecting and keeping Account Executives (including myself sometimes) accountable for follow-ups, makes Monica a great asset to the FORT team and I think she will find success in any capacity, whether as a SDR or if she decides to move into an Account Executive role or even management in her career.

Ben Burchell, FORT Robotics

Monica's ability to write impactful sales copy, start meaningful conversations, and book qualified meetings is second to none. As a direct result of having Monica as a sales colleague and learning her prospecting techniques, my ability to start sales conversations has improved significantly!

From the executive level to the most junior sales employee, everyone within an organization would benefit and grow from having Monica on their sales team. She is a tremendous person that drives results and gets the job done!

Daniel Claus, Sloan

Monica is one of our amazing coaches at SDR Nation and has supported dozens of our members over the last year.

She's an incredible individual who truly does prioritize other people's learning and growth. In particular, Monica is very strong when it comes to social selling and has been one of our top teachers in the community.

We're so grateful to have Monica as a coach mentoring many of our members.

Michael Gagliano, SJC

Monica is one of the most in-demand coaches we have at SDR Nation and it's no surprise why.

1. She's incredible good at social selling. She's a master at weaving together Twitter and LinkedIn into one methodology which is incredibly difficult and complex.

2. She's relatable and empathetic. The SDR's love her sessions as she truly takes the time to get to know them, listen and provide actionable feedback.

We couldn't be luckier to have her as a coach at SDR Nation.

Charlie Locke, Circle

Monica is a social selling wizard. She joined SDR Nation as a member, and we quickly elevated her into a coaching position once we realized how in demand her skillset was. She's remains very involved with the community and has showed tremendous leadership through her coaching. She genuinely cares about everyone she works with, and would be a delight to have on any team.

Meagan Suckling, Shutterstock

Do you want someone who's an exceptional, creative and enthusiastic coach? Then look no further than Monica.

Monica is a social selling wizard 🪄 I booked time to chat with Monica, after watching one of her social selling workshops. Not only did she take time out of her day to walk me through her A+ strategies, she also spent EXTRA time, to brainstorm ideas on how I can tweak some of her tactics for my role. And that's not even the half of it - she checked in with me a few days later to see how things were going and was very approachable when I wanted a second opinion.

Being coached by Monica was one of the most valuable coaching conversations I have ever had. If you don't reach out to Monica for coaching - you're doing a disservice to yourself.

Simrah Ali, Shopify

Meet Monica - A Social Media Maven and SDR Extraordinaire. Monica is great with people, motivated and persistent. I loved working with Monica; she is always cheerful, bubbly, and intelligent too. She cares about the people she is reaching out to, as well as her colleagues and co-workers. I am sure Monica will be very successful in all endeavors she takes on.

Lisa Sidlow, ContentLab

Monica is simply the most effective Business Development Manager I've ever known. She is both creative and tenacious, always finding new ways to connect with prospects and build relationships with them. Monica directly impacted my sales and ROI, bringing valuable new clients to the table over and over again. She is a valuable part of any sales team!

Laurie Hindes, ContentLab

From the moment Monica joined our team I knew we had found a special person. In addition to having an incredible process for (authentically!) connecting with prospective customers, Monica brought a contagious energy and fresh perspective to KitchenMate. I enjoyed every interaction I had with her and only wish our time together was longer.

Christine Popovich, KitchenMate

Monica is bright and extremely ambitious. I have been working with her for quite sometime now and I can confidently say my business wouldn’t be where it is today without her skills and dedication. She is organized and communicates things well. Everything she does she executes meticulously. Thank you for all you do Monica!

Ryan Faridian, Global Solutions West

Monica is an extremely hard worker, she helped grow our social media following, target customers and audience to help us generate leads and sales. Her execution on all social media and marketing platforms is the greatest in the industry. You need her on your team. I would highly recommend her to any company or organization.

Sean Galbraith, CanFX Imaging

Monica is a rare breed. Hugely tenacious and self-motivated with a good eye for detail. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone who's looking for a focussed member of the team in her field of excellence: Lead-Gen and B2B sales.

Paul Hollins, Radio Express


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